Gervonta Davis Stops Hugo Ruiz in Round One | SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING

Gervonta Davis (21-0, 20 KOs) filmed his 8th professional life first-circular knockout as referee Jack Reiss called off the fight with one second remaining in the very first round following a destructive sweeping right hook by Davis that connected neatly and dispatched Ruiz (39-5, 32 KOs) down to his knees.

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  1. Teofimo lopez vs gervonte davis winner gets Terrance Crawford

  2. Seen the fight live last night. Davis no joke at 130 heavy handed. Glad to see my LA folks intrigued in boxing. Black and brown stand up! 👊

  3. Ruiz seemed scared

  4. For all those that want a RACE WAR…

    To my African-American family: the African-American/black influence and impact on boxing (and every other sport) is unquestionable. Every point has been made. So my thing is no need to brag on it, we just need to play our position.

    To Mexicans: there is no discussion about boxing legends that does not involve Mexico, period. We all know the championship lineage and all the great Mexican warriors from Saldivar to Chavez. So don’t buy into the garbage and put the racist shit to the side.

    To all: beware the internet trolls. That “black” or “Mexican” commenter could be a white dude trying to stir shit up, just like that bad chic in the avatar ain’t really a bad chic.

    Love, peace and great boxing to all. If you appreciate this comment, then like.

  5. I hate referees… how he tossed his arm like that.

  6. North Lauderdale certified

    Put that boy to sleep

  7. Floyd will lose against him

  8. ruiz didn’t have noting on davis, damn no one left for davis to fight huh…this dude… 🤦🏽‍♂️

  9. Another Paisa down….

  10. Fucked him up!!!

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