George Foreman on his Post Fight Wilder vs. Rage

Foreman sits and shares his thoughts after the fight and the result of Wilder vs. Anger.


  1. When are the Refs going to start calling punches to the back of the head which by the rules are illegal. Wilder landed a back of the head punch on his supposed 2nd knockdown in what was a great fight to watch and appreciate,

  2. brillant comment MR FOREMAN !!!! Thank you.

  3. Paul Gillingwater

    Love this guy

  4. Well said Sir, well said. Respect

  5. Honesty Box Music

    Can you fix my grill?

  6. Wilder won Count tell whas fake reffery too late count look good

  7. George – You Are My Favorite Boxer of All Times. Love Champ.
    What a Fight it was!!!

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