Genshin Impact EP – A Warrior Far From Home

Journeying through the serene wilderness, tarrying a while in the bustling city,
Even the wayfaring heart of the warrior, which pleasures in conflict, struggle, and adventure,
Will every so often be bound by thoughts of his snowy homeland.

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  1. Joaquin Aguirre

    free hong kong

  2. дед призидент

    Русские вперёд

  3. I feel the emptynes on childe. Far from home and family .. and is so sad.. 😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Tortilla, we want Rosaria not your 6/30 second cooldown reduction

  5. La Signora 🥵

  6. when the snow buried tales thing came up i was like uhhhhh how long is this

  7. Genshin Impact: Far from home? so spiderman? 😅

  8. It’s kinda make me curios what happen if zhong li rerun

  9. Please this man is everything, he is literally worth anything.

  10. So today 6 April 2021 in Australia. I was playing genshin but then I went out. Late I started playing again and roassaria is out legit she scared me when she came out of no where when she wasn’t there before. She will be next to him tao at the top in the character archive

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