Generations React To Dan Howell & Eugene Lee Yang Coming Out On YouTube

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Generations React To Dan Howell & Eugene Lee Yang Coming Out On YouTube


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  2. So Much Love


    This is so important ❤️?????

  4. I have a question where does the money go to??

  5. Never want to see it ever again?

  6. Izzy May Be Great

    Why am I automatically seeing by new

  7. 33:36 I’m so happy he said this.
    We’ve all been accepting straight people. They don’t ‘need’ to come out because they no they will be accepted. We have supported you and we have had words of hate drilled into our heads but you straight people are nice I don’t have anything against them but there’s a limit where some of them need to grow up and accept the community for who we are because we’re here to stay and be who we chose to be.

  8. I am legit crying

  9. The first thing I think of when I hear something about pride, I think about pride from FMAB

  10. A lot of this video was relatable

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