Generations React To 100 Years Of Celebrity Breakups

100 Years Of Celebrity Breakups Reacted to by Generations. Original links below.

Generations respond to 1 century of famous person breakups. Watch to look at
their reactions.

Oscar Wilde –

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Generations React To 100 Years Of Celebrity Breakups


  1. Maleiaha Robinson

    React to BET 2019 performances

  2. Maleiaha Robinson

    Bet 2019 performances

  3. The Average Citizen

    2:53 …. I FEEL GOOD !!!!

    I knew that I would, now

  4. 2:53 wtf this is a demon child

  5. Nah when darius cried I was a goner???

  6. I only almost cried because of Darius and because of Cheryl when she almost cried talking about memories. 🙁 But not because of the videos they showed.

  7. William Alexander


  8. Why is Jeana and Jessie not here from gf vs bf

  9. The Savage Gamer

    Liza is not a star and David’s content is a laugh track

  10. to me the saddest break up of 2018 was ariana and mac, that shit hurt so bad smh

  11. Anna Standridge

    Darius, I think I can speak for everyone in the comments but we love you and you will be in love again. ?❤️

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