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  1. The Chinese calendar one was right for both my kids. I have a girl and boy. I did the calendar again for this baby, and it predicted boy. I have my ultrasound on Monday, so I will find out the gender of this baby (#3).

  2. I did the ring test when I was pregnant with my twin girls and it was correct. It was crazy. The ring swung in a really big circle ⭕️ which means two girls.

  3. #teamboy… scientific fact if the heart beat is 140 or less it’s a BOY and if it’s 140 or higher it’s a GIRL! Boys develop sooner and a girls develops later. My son was just like your sonogram fully developed and I knew since he was 10 weeks it would be a boy!

  4. Did you just assume its gender???

  5. Nobody:
    Alex: *holds up a spoon* ??

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  7. The Chinese calendar was the only thing that was accurate for me!!

  8. Like every couple on YouTube. Milking the shit out of their pregnancy. Pathetic

  9. The little girls club sisters

    I say it’s a boy!

  10. The only difference i had with my boys and my pregnancy with my daughter was with my daughter i could NOT stand my husband lol for no reason! Even his cologne upset me lol to this date i hate his Polo Red scent and i originally choose it ???‍♀️

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