Gavin Magnus – Fake Love (Official Video) ft. Luh Kel

Hey people, I truly hope you get pleasure from viewing the official music video for Fake Love ft. Luh Kel. If you have not already, make sure to go listen to Fake Love, now streaming on all platforms! I’m so thankful for all of your support, and stay tuned for more music coming soon! Love you Goat Fam!

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  1. Is the song about piper Rochelle

  2. Love you Gavin

  3. Amazing song

  4. Amazing mv! Obsessed with the song💜

  5. piperrockelle bby

    Hi gavin

  6. My dream is singing i love singing but i don’t have support from my side a only support is my friend
    The quotes inspired me a lot thank u soooo much gavin there is someone god sent for inspire and make u up hill this gave me a such an honest thanks so much

  7. Gavin definitely has a future in music, he has talent, charisma, but most of all a message

  8. Cute

  9. Happy birthday to gavin

  10. Im proud of you do much gav ilysm goat fam always

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