Gavin Magnus – Crushin’ Remix (Official Music Video Teaser)

Hey people, Gavin Magnus here, and I hope you get pleasure from the official teaser for the Crushin’ Remix music video. My administration stated that I can only release the official crushin remix if this teaser video clip gets at least 1 million views….You people are not ready for this insane music video, coming very soon if we can make this happen…This is about to break the internet if this happens, but only if we can reach the goal! Also, don’t forget to stream my new song Tuesday NOW on all platforms if you haven’t already. Should my ex-girlfriend Piper Rockelle be in the music video? Did you see the hidden clues in this official teaser? Let me know in the comments! Love you Goat Fam!

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  1. we need 1 million views!!!

  2. Bro lev he Got a crush on your girl

  3. #12 on trending aaaa

  4. Sharumeela Abdullah


  5. Hey dude can you say hi to me pls

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