Gas Monkey Strikes MOPAR Gold: Rare Find Revealed


Pack your bags, we are headed to the ATL! Richard Rawlings got a hot lead on a building full of MOPAR’s that need to move QUICK. With a pocket full of money, you know the head Monkey is not going to leave empty handed.

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  1. when i win the lotto im coming to u to get a car or 3

  2. Richard is getting a gut

  3. WOW!
    So many classic and rare cars in one building.
    Man, I’m glad somebody has the ability to save those old beauties.

    I was squirming in my chair seeing all those awesome cars that used to prowl the streets of my town and the several towns nearby. It was great be twenty in 1966.

    There were some roads just out of town where we could move to and have a couple races before the cops showed up. Bless their hearts, they were worried we might have a wreck and get hurt. They thought they were protecting us. We always posted sentries to warn us when the cops were heading our way. Flash the headlights really fast as a warning and we would bug out. We had to find at least three places outside each town so cops never knew which one we would go to.

    The surprise was sometimes the Dart with a small block. Man those could be made quick with good tuning and headers. One guy had a Dart with a 340, he found a six pack manifold for it. Of course till he opened the hood we assumed a four barrel. He had a shop fine tune and balance it, install a hot cam and it had headers tuned for max torque. The headers dumped into four exhaust pipes, four Hush Thrush mufflers. It had an awesome tone to it. If I remember correctly the rear end was a 391 suregrip mated to sticky Mickey Thompson fat tires. That little Dart embarrassed some big block cars. But it wasn’t stock either!

    My fun car was a 1969 Road Runner. I had a shop fine tune the distributor and carb. The engine was stock. He jetted the carb with bigger jets and had me run a slightly hotter spark plug. I put free flow mufflers on it that had a deeper tone. A few guys accused me of having a 440 in it. It was a four speed and had a 323 sure grip axle. After he worked on it, I swear if felt like it had another 30 horse. I could get the jump on a GTX 440 automatic right off the line and would stay ahead at the 1/4 mile. It was gaining on me but could never quite catch me before the 1/4. I learned to shift to second gear without releasing the gas pedal. Just shift as fast as possible and slide left foot off the clutch. BANG, it made a noise like a truck hit me from behind and it would lunge forward. It was faster than all the Road Runners I came up against. One had a 411 rear axle, he was gaining on me till I hit second and whoosh I was instantly a whole car length ahead. He hit third before me and then I started pulling away. I think he was geared too low.

    It sure was great to be young and crazy in the 60’s.

  4. I lived in Marietta Georgia and my name is Cleveland 😎

  5. i bet he is going to buy one of those valuable cars and then completely destroyed it. He just can’t deal with restoration.

  6. Wonder if Mark Worman seen this .

  7. Welcome to ATLANTA…..good roots buy

  8. no wonder they lost their lease this place is a shithole i would not let them touch anything

  9. I love all models
    60’s up to 72’s
    Mopar small or
    big blocks v8,
    I 😍 MOPAR 🤤

  10. I hate cars more now😤

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