GAMING on The First 8K TV!!!!

Thanks to SamsungUS for supporting today’s video clip! Check out their #QLED8K TVs at

The Samsung Q900R QLED 8K TV offers a top class in visuals, clarity, and just overall an astonishing experience, but what does it take to truly get 8K working when the tech is not quite there yet to output it.

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  1. Today’s Sponsor is Samsung ? (Note That)

  2. They are talking to us like the people watching are gonna even try and do this

  3. Looks 1080p from here….

  4. 8k? lol im satisfied with 1080p lol always going big i’d be happy with 480 with color alone. bah on a 20″ to be honest btw Sony’s better.

  5. 7:03 when she tells you she is home alone

  6. I am blown away by this. There’s no where else for us to go with TVs. We can’t even get enough 4K content but now let’s go bigger with 8K. Interesting.

  7. 4:05

  8. 2K

    What’s next? 16K?

  9. Why do we even need 8K? What is the minimum size of a display for 8K to even matter?

  10. I don’t think you’re supposed to fill those stickers off the pills off the screen (Samsung fold) lol 😉

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