Game Theory: The Unsolved Lore of The Sims (Bella Goth Mystery)

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Can you believe I’ve never covered the Sims? Once I realized it, I knew I had to antidote that IMMEDIATELY! And what better way than to dive into the peculiar and fantastic LORE of the Sims cosmos? There is a surprising amount of lore to sift through, so today we are focusing on one of the biggest ongoing mysteries. The mystery of Bella Goth. Who is she? You are about to find out more than you could ever imagine.

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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Hannah Malek (HgMercury73) and Tom Robinson
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Jerika (NekoOnigiri)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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0:00 – The Game Theory Files
1:03 – Get a chance to meet me!
3:09 – Back to the Sims LORE!



  2. Oh damn. This sends me back to when Dil Howlter was abducted by aliens and got *ahem*pregnant.

  3. Missing suddenly?
    Grieving family?
    Sounds like K__ but without the last bit

  4. Now matpat can you do a Ampiers smp bc Joel is going to be dead if not at the end of the siearis ( btw I am terrib at splelling )


  6. MatPat should do one on the landgraabs

  7. Sweepstakes void in Puerto Rico, Oregon, and Mississippi. Why?

  8. Best intro ever

  9. Foxy plays cooking and gaming show

    Deltarune chapter 2 came out a year ago gt live please I want to see Undertale 2 chapter 2/deltarune chapter 2 pleeease!!!😭

  10. I’m a little bummed MatPat didn’t cover anything from Sims 4 in this theory (especially since the graphics used in this video were mainly sims 4 player models 👀) but I mean Sims 4 is supposed to be and alternate universe, or more accurately based on this theory, an alternate *timeline.* So despite the lack of Sims 4 lore mention, I feel like this theory still works with it.

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