Game Theory: FNAF, BURN Them All (Ultimate Timeline)

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Loyal Theorists, today we return with part 3 of our FNAF Ultimate Timeline! After covering the increase of William Afton and his descent into insanity several weeks ago today we are moving forward a bit in the timeline, discussing Sister Location to FNAF 6. There is SO much happening in this “Modern Era” of FNAF and I can’t wait to share it all with you! So bust out the EXOTIC Butters and settle in!
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  1. The channels(probably) favorite sentence

    But that’s just a theory!a GAME THEORY

  2. Awesome addition to the timeline! I was a little foggy with everything after William got springlocked and all the Michael stuff and this really cleared that up! Keep up the great work and I can’t wait for part 4.

  3. This channel is highly addictive

  4. Гавриленко Николай

    Aaaaand another one!!! I like it

  5. when did william afton kill cassidy/the one you should not have killed

  6. If the animationics were disassembled, how would Mike see them in fnaf 1?

  7. This all makes so much sense, but one thing keeps bugging me. If Henry is the one speaking at the end of FNAF 6, why does he say “my daughter, Elizabeth” near the end? Is Elizabeth his daughter?

  8. Why is he purple..

  9. So I have a question is how does FNAF world fit into all of this?
    we got many hints that seem to just get glossed over like how apparently Henry is the creator of Baby as we see her killing him in a cut scene and also silver eyes says the same thing that an animatronic created by him it’s what killed Henry so how is that explained?

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