Game of Thrones: Series Finale – Review

Game of Thrones has wrapped up! It is over! Did it leave me feeling consummated, or wanting? Here are my thoughts on the GAME OF THRONES SERIES FINALE!

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  1. Steven Garthune

    Amazing review

  2. Fuck GOT,,, Breaking Bad rules

  3. So besides Jon having the rightful claim with that mystical _King’s Blood_ in him, I’m surprised no one brought up that *Lord Gendry* was the next claimant by blood, since they all knew he was Robert’s son.

  4. Abū al-Qāsim Muhammad ibn

    Games of Thrones was too white. Glad it’s over like white people going extinct.

  5. The dragons came into this world with blood magic, I’dve liked to see them go out the same. The witch said only life can pay for death, and if drogon gave his for Daenerys in a fire, she would’ve came back to life with no power to burn civilians anymore.

  6. And…how exactly would everyone know if Jon fucks someone hahahah

  7. Season 8 just felt rushed didn’t put much thought into it worst possible outcome they could have done

  8. He liked the “irony” that she didn’t get to actually sit on the “iron” throne…I’ll show myself out

  9. I agree with everything besides samwell Tarleys fate, he was the first person to kill a white walker, found the way in killing them which aided everyone who fought in the battle of winterfell and found the cure or technique into saving sir jorahs life when he got that stone disease or some shit.

  10. MyMiniMovieMagic

    An Omnipotent being allowing a war to unfold simply for him to take the throne at the end and knowing the result all along leaves a lot to be desired from a heroic standpoint.

    If you already know the end, it’s absolutely necessary from a story standpoint that your end has to include self-sacrifice, otherwise what stake is there for him?

    During the battle of Winterfell, it
    Would have been cool to see Raeghal flying through the air, attracting the Night Kings attention. He’s throwing ice spears but Rhaeghal is surprisingly swift and dodges them all. After some incredible manuerving, we see Jon falling off Raeghal just as he did in the show. We lose sight of him in the storm.

    The Night King tosses a spear at a reemerging Jon, but either Rhaegal or Ghost saves the day, knocking the Night King back and putting up an epic fight.

    In a tense moment, Rhaegal or Ghost sacrifices themselves to save Jon’s life, and that is when Jon gets the Valyrian steal stab that destroys The Night King. (Just like the show)

    Then they reveal that it wasn’t Jon Snow but Arya in disguise who delivered the blow, using her tricks from the Many Faced God.

    Rhaegal or Ghost is trying to fight off death and get one last goodbye. We turn to see it was actually Bran, Warging as the Dragon/Direwolf, and he too is mortally wounded from the Warging, sacrificing himself for his family. His last words being “The Pack Survives”

    Would have brought Arya, Bran and Ghost’s story arcs full circle and made their journeys and roads to this very moment have much more meaning and purpose

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