Game of Thrones: Season 8 Episode 5 – Review

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The 2nd to last episode of Game of Thrones. King’s Landing is assaulted, and we all wonder “do they have enough time to wrap this all up”?

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  1. This video sucks. Jahns always proves what an uninformed idiot he is in every video. ” Cersei never killed innocents” he says. VCersei murdered HUNDREDS of innocents when she detonated the Cept of Bailor. Maybe if Jeremy snorted a little less coke before recording a video , he could get his facts straight.

  2. can’t believe how negative you’ve been lately

  3. I feel most reviews of this episode as far a Dany is concerned are a classic case of expectation vs reality. The expectation is that Dany will rise above her shitty situation and become a great ruler. The reality is that she is broken, not eating, isolated. What do you think a person with as much power as she has would do when they feel like that? “Oh but she already took the city, she didn’t need to keep going and murder all those innocent people”. Need, is never the point, you see it on her face when she is listening to the bells… Its not enough for them to surrender. It’s not enough for them to lay down their weapons and bend the knee. They had to pay with fire and blood and that’s exactly what happened. We saw an emotional, broken, and alone Dany acting out of pure rage and ambition, this should not be surprising to anyone. “Let it be fear”.

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  5. One episode of dany descending into madness to build it up, that’s all they needed to make this work

  6. Why do ppl think Tyrion is some kind of brilliant strategizer? He’s done nothing of the sort at all, ever.

  7. Jaime going back to Cersei absolutely makes sense. He only left her to keep his word to fight against the dead. He’s done terrible things for her sake and it should come as no surprise he’d go back to try and save his true love.

  8. Perfect review. In one fell swoop, they erased Tyrion, Cersei, Jaimie and Varys. It was a mess.

  9. I don’t get or understand these fucking fans what more do you want what were you expecting HBO has a very poor reputation of putting out very bad seasons to great shows True blood, Sopranos, OZ, Wire on those shows the conclusions made no sense on those shows character deaths seemed meaningless on those shows the ending were shit. GAME OF THRONES Season 8 everyone who died this season there deaths had meaning from sacrifice to fate to even destiny. The Long Night and The Bells were being set up since episode 1 they were long, epic, action packed, shocking, thrilling and very well executed. In conclusion it has all come to the ultimate question who will be the next king of the iron throne well what’s left of it we will find out my prediction Dany will have it than Jon will have it but then he will give it to either Bran, Arya or Sansa in the end A Stark will be The Next King of The Iron Throne.

  10. judging by most of your complaints you haven’t been paying attention. first the jamie thing, He has always loved his sister and wants to protect her he didn’t go to die with her he went to save her because no matter what he loves her. and dany has been edging to this for a long time. it didn’t come out of nowhere it has been building up to this for a long time and her losing Jora Misandie and her dragon finally pushed her over the edge.

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