Game Deals – Scott The Woz

Scott discusses what he considers to be good and bad deals in gaming, i.e. someone was eventually courageous enough to speak about Mass Effect 3 on Wii U.

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  1. Dutch Van Der linde

    Just discovered Scott and now I’m curious why his list included so much milk

  2. I love how Mark turns into Heehoo every time he almost falls/fails

  3. I love your videos. Very entertaining . Hope you make more videos to entertain us.

  4. You didn’t mention the adaptive triggers for the last of us
    It really adds to the game but I do agree 70 is too much

  5. I got skyrim 4 times on other platforms for 3 nickels and a penny. F that $70 trash on the Switch.

  6. Ants (The Bug)
    Aunts (The Bug)

  7. i would rather pay full price for elden ring than a $2 app on my phone

  8. Im so excited about this wave, especially Maple Treeway and Boo Lake! Now if only we could get some more battle courses! 😛

  9. Turned in cod vanguard for credit and got the last of us remastered for ps5 for 25$

  10. Been playing DMZ with the boys and we all love it. Favorite game mode by far we do our missions/challenges loot up and take guys out. Been a blast personally.

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