Future NBA Star Vanishes from Mountain Road: Where is Rico Harris?

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  1. Crazy, growing up I was a huge Rhody fan (still am), my old man went to school at Rhode Island, and as a teenager throughout the mid to late ‘90s I followed and knew almost everything about the basketball program. And I remember when we recruited Rico, he was one of several big time recruits for a team on the rise, there were big expectations for him, and one day I saw the roster for the upcoming season and he wasn’t listed on it. I always wondered what happened to him? So hearing this is just mind blowing and really sad…

  2. It could be another case of CTE it’s the first thing I thought of when you were going through this case he has all the symptoms.

  3. Shit is crazy

  4. Sounds like he may have had a brain injury

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  6. That’s don’t look like a NBA star

  7. So very sad. I feel awful for those who loved him, and are left with no answers. I believe he was struggling with this identity crisis, fear of being worthless, of being unable to get sober. Moving to a new city is on the list of most stressful experiences in life. He was already trying to figure out what his future would look like. He went back to California to score, and then with all stress, and on top of two days of no sleep, be fan a binge that probably ended with him encountering misadventure. Possibly drowning, or falling from a cliff, and he’s pinned under water or down amongst some boulders in a ravine. It’s odd to think that no one knows where he is, but I don’t think a stranger would try to mess with a guy who out of his mind of meth and booze, and towers over everyone at a muscled 6’9”. Rest in Peace.

  8. GaslitWorld f. Melissa B

    I am so saddened for his family and fiance that the _Handsome Gentle Giant_ struggled. Likely a string of disappointments shook him to the core, even as he tried to adjust to new circumstances. Perhaps he secretly had a death wish and so took drugs and alcohol which allowed him to say goodbye in a preferred state of mind – relaxed and blissed out. He is likely no more among us and RIP.

  9. I make that drive a few times a year to see family and even taking it in shifts with my husband, its almost like we feel jet lagged after. I cannot imagine driving it straight by myself and then turning around and coming back. I’m very surprised that he wasn’t swerving or driving erratically enough to attract attention by the second day of no sleep

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