Full Mullet Engine Build Day 4

@CleetusM Engine is here and we build it for you to look at – Day 4

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  1. I remember years ago pump gas street/strip drag used special coating on internal parts.

  2. How is it that people think they can just ring you and ask you tech questions like your some free for all guy 😆.the simple lack of respect and ignorance in doing this is really insane .Steve you already have given everyone who watches you more than most engine builders and engineers would give over free information to help them .

  3. that was a gangster call out at the very end. coming for cleetus

  4. Good stuff Steve. Thanks for the info.

  5. Would love know the cost
    Not to Cleetus, but to an average customer

  6. Wolf Pak Fishing - Nick DeWolf

    I was calling to see when you wanted to go fishing, though 😞

  7. Great video! Thanks for answering my water jacket question.

  8. KariAnne Studeman

    SME, put it together with loving care, yeah no, not perfect, take it back apart, and start again, okay now we can move forward.

  9. Nice to see someone in the top of there feild , speaching to us so kanded.
    Thanks man steve.

  10. Reason 1 lifter failed is these engines are controlling a FN extreme explosion . Try letting a hand grenade explode up you ASS bet something fails Comment from AUSTRALIA

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