FULL FORSAKEN EASTER EGG GUIDE: Cold War Zombies Easter Egg Walkthrough Tutorial

NO NONSENSE FORSAKEN EASTER EGG TUTORIAL. The ending of the Dark Aether story in Cold War Zombies. You do not want to miss this.


  1. It’s already a fucking bug at the equipment table it won’t let u buy nothing until u click off it then click it again…….sad

  2. TheKommunistKrusader

    Congrats you’re at the top of the list when someone looks up on youtube “how to do the forsaken Easter egg”

  3. I got the big ether crystals on the same round as the cut scene

  4. I wish i was as good at zombies like you but this map hates me

  5. I did everything right, but when the time came to build the thing, it says that I need additional parts

  6. It’s not letting me destroy the orbs around the crystal

  7. I did this with a raygun and axe

  8. Giancarlo Arabejo

    Does anybody have any tips when the Abomination AKA the half or discount Margwa is not eating the Crystal after you destroy the big cluster crystal?

  9. Prob easiest Easter egg ever

  10. hardest part is shooting the damn orbs


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