Full final 1:44 from FDU’s fabled upset over Purdue

FDU upset top-seeded Purdue in the very first round of the 2023 males’s NCAA tournament, becoming just the second 16 seed after UMBC to win a game in March Madness history. Watch the full final 1:44 of the awesome upset here.

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  1. I love how they played till the end still making blocks. And the last timeout to let it soak it made me LOL. Purdues team is so smug and entitled in the way they played. Hustle beats that every time.

  2. Time out up 5 0.6s left huh? Pass jump shoot it’s over the buzzer goes when the ball is in the air no follow up. Is there 6 pointers now?

  3. Never scene cheerleaders care that much

  4. You know your team is way outmatched when the coach draws up a play for a screener to flop-bait a charge when you’re down 3pts with 30 seconds left. This game was a lot closer than it should have been. The discrepancy in talent level between the teams is massive.

  5. So I don’t know basketball very well. Can anyone explain why the FDU coach called a timeout with .6 seconds left and being up by five? What was the point?

  6. bacon lettuce potato

    1:17 one of, if not the very coldest three i’ve ever seen in my life. he even posed after the shot.

  7. In the words of Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z, “It’s not over until it’s over. Absolutely no victory is guaranteed until it’s secured, no matter what the odds are. That’s a life lesson we should never forget.

  8. Those blocks were crazy! 👋🏾

  9. One of the best ever, tourney or not, was UC Riverside beating #4 Iowa.

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