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  1. I would love a blending 101. Not just eyes, bronzer & contour too!!! I love your tutorials because they are super informative and lots of fun tips and tricks.

  2. As soon as you said you might do a blending video I had to pause this video and comment to tell you; YES PLEASE GIVE US A BLENDING 101!!!!

  3. Andrianna Kalyviaris


  4. I got the MR concealer because everyone was raving about it but I noticed, like Jaclyn, that it creased so quick. At first I thought maybe it was my powder that I was setting it with, or that my eyes may just have more creasing because their shape, but so far all across the board I see it’s a no go. Tell me ways to solve this if anyone knows! But I’m pretty sure I’m turning back to NYX concealer

  5. The tarte knockout toner is amazing as a treatment to help with texture and pores

  6. Yes please do a blending video. Also just for the people that don’t know what colors to put together for eyeshadow. I’m always wearing browns bc I have brown eyes but I don’t really know how to wear eyeshadow or what colors go together. Can you help?

  7. Please do a blending video. I struggle so badly with it!

  8. sydney.andthecity

    2018: the year jaclyn got pores and joined the rest of us mortals ?seriously though try the tatcha pore cleanser!! i also like the dr. jart pore cleansing shake mask. when i worked at a cosmetics counter a lot of people also loved the sk-ii mask too! and yes, definitely want that blending 101 video ??

  9. Waaaooo how beautiful u are…. I just love u… Would like to marry you????

  10. I love tightlining my upper waterline with the NYX jumbo eye pencil!

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