Fuerza Regida – Mi Vecindario [Official Video]

Fuerza Regida – MI Vecindario

Song Writers : Angel Ureta, Miguel Armenta


Ya Disponible en toda plataformas!



  1. Antes que llegue 20M

  2. JOP al 100% blessings!

  3. Fernando Becerra

    Strait 🔥 saludos viejon desde foros tx

  4. Perrona Rola

  5. these guys look soooo hard on their album cover but when you begin to listen to the music you are like, “LMFAO”

  6. its sad to think how much of real Mexican heritage was destroyed when Spain invaded and pilfered the country.

    The mexicans play spanish instruments and sing spanish songs.

    All of their whole lives are modified by spainish influences of long ago.

    Makes me wonder if any of you realize you speak a language that is not your own.

    One that was taught to your ancestors in an attempt to make you slaves to the Spanish.

    This is why mexican language needs no words for the periodic table nor words that describe higher concepts.

    When they do use words with these connotations they are borrowed again from Spanish.

    It makes me feel like the world has been ruined beyond what we were meant to hold in good conscience.

  7. FR ‘ Otro pedooo ! 🔥🔥saludos desde 🇵🇪

  8. La letra dice la verdad “de donde yo vengo no muchos salen vivos” mucho éxito en tu carrera y que dios te siga bendiciendo siempre.

  9. Esto si son corridos tumbados no mamadas 🇲🇽🇲🇽 👌🏻 😌 aquí se ve la pura crema 🇲🇽

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