Freedom 500 Stream Problems/Update Pre Cleetus and Cars


  1. Cleetus2 McFarland

    For those of you wondering if you can rewatch on demand we will be restreaming it today and then it will be available on demand from there. We’re fixing some of the bugs so the reupload should be even cleaner. Here is the email for those of you who feel you’d like a refund, I completely understand!

    • Jason Voorhees Costumes

      Nah. No refund. But I would question the reliability of them Crown Vics. Maybe for the next race, you can have at least 10 backup cars…just for you! It’s not a race without out you! And a lot of folks missed that aspect of seeing you. For a second I was hoping to see Neighbor enter the race! 😂

    • Didn’t pay as never will pay for any pay per view. I’d rather send money to freedom factory and just view like we usually do. Don’t see why we need pay per view with the amount of fans you have.

    • I was guted but I think most people are out here doing it for Dale and all the freedom love Cleetus and everything the team stands for . Was glad I could watch it today from NZ thats for sure 🙃

    • Dude i was mega shattered that i couldnt watch the live stream freedom 500 but at least i got to watch the burnouts and i appreciate that your honest enough to give refunds back thats awesome but like alot of people have said we watch alot of your content for free and honestly 20 dollars to have you use that fund to make the track the cars and everything else better is enough for me brother so keep up the honest and good content cleet lots of love from the boys in australia and also very good driving in the war bird cant wait to see the fellas from aus get to the freedom factory and make the next burnouts on ppv a awesome event to watch

    • I hope you see this. After watching the burn out part. I’ve ran an infield fire safety crew at a dirt track for 10+ years. The guy’s that you had obviously didn’t know much about racing. Very slow to respond and very lazy I would not have any of them on my crew. When my guy’s see fire they are there in seconds because we know there’s a driver in there. I’ve been put out twice by the Astoria Oregon Fire Chief pulling drivers out of burning cars(yes i have pictures). It’s why we’re there and we know that. Please look into fire safety crews that have race track experience. We even do a class with the ambulance company that supports us. We have the drivers compartment of a dirt modified that we can roll over by hand to practice with and we do it in the parking lot of the ambulance company with a bunch of race cars for the EMTs to check out. Probably the best safety class’s one could ever go to.

  2. Branden Slayton

    Regardless bad/stream you guys earned every bit of the money if they ask for money back they aren’t fans you guys put on a good show every time you do an event bugs happen…people need to realize that you’re just starting out with streams…keep up the good work you’re doing amazing….can’t wait for what the future brings

  3. Your doing a great thing brother!!! Can’t wait to make it there! It wasn’t the best live stream but who can make this happen so freaking soon. I look at it as the track gets better the stream will too. It’s low budget and a beautiful disaster that’ll get better with time and idk if I even want it. It makes me just wanna see it person. You Wanna do this for 30 years I wanna see what you made here and then brother! Send it brother!

  4. Hell yeah brother!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 cheer up . You are killing it! I hope no one actually wants there money back and continues to support this awesome Florida man!

  5. Dropped a twanky and all I could see was your pre-burnout intro video

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  7. Keep up the amazing work you and your team do… I haven’t payed for a live stream but I’m still impressed with what you provide your viewers .. well done brother ❤️🤓

  8. I bought the PPV Saturday night, I already knew the outcome of the race and could care less about the streaming quality, I just want to support you guys for all your hard work and for keeping us all entertained. I loved the entire show and watched every minute of it. Thank you

  9. The ones who refund are retarded. I payed so the bald Eagles can fly. Not be grounded.

  10. For the people by the people!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

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