Free Busted Garden Tractor, But Can We Save It?

I went to a garage sale and this 1991 craftsman gt tractor was damaged down in the yard with no takers, lets load it up and see if we can bring it back to life.


  1. The hitch on the back is actually a sleeve hitch. Basically a single-point hitch for lifting small light garden implements. My guess is the bit that looks like a 3-point top link is where a manual lift lever would’ve originally been. I don’t think it would be connected to the main lift-lower arm, however, as that would mean it couldn’t be used while the mower deck is attached.

  2. I have the same mower use it every week .mine has mv 18 twin.

  3. I love Craftsman tractors – esp w/ the KOhler motors in them. They last forever if you take care of them. Nice find!

  4. 👍🛠

  5. You should take a younger assistant with you so you don’t hurt your back.

  6. . . . American Pickers on line two.

  7. Someone else probably caught this already … Parts list… 13:45 .. I’m no Craftsman expert, but I think that pulley should have fan blades for cooling the hydrostatic transmission.
    Thanks for sharing 🇨🇦

  8. Did you locate the horn button…lol

  9. The loose steering can be fixed by ordering the “C” channel that the axle sits inside. It wears away over the years making the steering loose. I fixed a friend’s Craftsman tractor this way. I think the part was fifteen bucks or so. What I do on these Craftsman tractors is google the model number and get part numbers from there. Always eBay for belts cheap.

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