Fredo Bang – Hard 4 U (Official Video)


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#Hard4U #2FaceBang2


  1. Blow The Comments Up If This “🔥🔥”

  2. Yeah this it

  3. No matter how much you try to decorate a pile of turd you can’t hide the smell. At least try. These young fake artists don’t even try.

  4. I can’t wait till she’s in another rapper’s video.

  5. Is that Ben 10 baby mama😂

  6. Fuck tbg NBA or nothing

  7. lmfaoo petty love it

  8. Fredo Bang ?
    This Is current day Idiocracy. Change this dudes name to Frito Bandejo and he can be a Costco lawyer

  9. This shit weak bro

  10. When you try out all the effects before the free trial is over

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