France v Brazil – FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™

Amandine Henry scored in extra-time against Brazil as France progressed to the quarter-finals of the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™.

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  1. nehemie KOUADIO

    wonderful France and powerful number 11 frightening Brazil’s defence

  2. Raniero Cicconetti

    A great match! Sportively, I would express my appreciation for the french girls that were able to achieve the quarter of final. But I also have respect and consideration for the brazilian female players.

  3. Noureddine Ettahiri

    How can the brazilian can miss this goal!!!! Head To head…just put above the goalkeeper

  4. Great play!

  5. Patricia Santos

    Trabalha agora para a olimpíada 2020, quem não tá dando resultado tem q cai fora, porque tem muita jogadora aí querendo uma oportunidade como as Corinthians, Santos e entre outras… Enquanto isso o Brasil vai caindo nas competições, no ranking.

  6. Aún con todo, la mejor selección del mundo es de Brasil.

  7. ??❤??? Parabéns A Todas As Mulheres Guerreiras Da Seleção Brasileira

  8. Antonio Cassano

    sorry Brazil u all had the winner but unscored…good game though

  9. Oceane Youyoutte

    La France va gagner la coupe du monde

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