France STUNS Belgium with last-minute victor to reach Nations League final | Highlights | ESPN FC

World champ France recovers from a two-goal deficit to beat Belgium 3-2 in an electrifying UEFA Nations League semifinal. The decisive strike comes from Theo Hernandez in the 90th minute as Les Bleus secures a place in Sunday’s showpiece match against Spain.


  1. Belgium is becoming the new Netherlands. It’s that team that comes soooo close but never gets it. It’s sad because they are really good. They just have old bones.

  2. If you’re going to make a bet in the sports world, you are absolutely guaranteed to make money putting money on Belgium losing in the late rounds of a tournament.

  3. Belgium is the Tottenham of international football

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  5. Penalty? The ball was literally near the corner flag lol

  6. Michael Williams


  7. Belgium lacks a good defensive line. There are no world class defensive player in that group.

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