Fortnite truly messed up with this…

UFO’s are in Fortnite again, but I think Fortnite forgot to test them out.

Use code tomato because it is been tested out (awesome partner)

Music from epidemicsound


  1. Tomato - Fortnite

    UFOs are somehow the most overpowered thing fortnite has ever added, and the worst

  2. Can you give me your friend thing on fortnight I like to be a YouTuber

  3. Candice Davidovic

    Rip Log

  4. One of the most anoying videos ive ever seen…

  5. It was funny when neo tilted changed to a different location and he didnt know and the glitch still works

  6. Get Darth Vader a win By picking them up and bring him around the map to get him a win

  7. Speedsterofgames

    *Ufo’s are so fun!!*

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