Fortnite Star Wars Update: Everything NEW!

Fortnite New Chapter 4 Season 2 Update – Fortnite Star Wars Update: Everything NEW!

LUCKY BLOCKS PIT (My New UEFN Map) – 7341-1335-2268

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  1. TheCampingRusher - Fortnite

    Thanks for watching! Wow! Epic did such a good job with this Fortnite x Star Wars Update. What is your favourite skin? Also, join my new Lucky Blocks Pit UEFN Map (7341-1335-2268) and send me a screenshot on Twitter of your best loadout to have a chance at winning a FREE Star Wars Skin of your choice. Goodnight!

    • @Bloodborne epic are tards . So with this pass u don’t get high xp i and rank up so u unlock quest items and battle pass .nstead u get points . So basically putting time in to unlocking star wars stuff and not the quest stuff etc .
      epic do anything they can to make u play game but do stuff like this hoping u spend money to unlock levels .

    • Redzilla Playz

      yo how do i take a screen shot on fortnite pc homie and i will fight jedi

  2. THEORY:: The find the force quests have different titles. The next one coming is “Begun the Clone War have” This is a two week event and I think Order 66 could happen as a mini event that ties into the clone wars in fortnite

  3. The funniest animation I’ve ever seen Watching it helps me relieve stress

  4. FINNALY a Massive starwars fan who likes fortnite

  5. We can all agree that he never disappoints us with his content :D!!!

  6. I refuse to participate during a Star Wars collab until it comes with a lightsaber pickaxe, sorry epic.

  7. T-Virus Terrance

    Hello, Humans
    It’s never too late to be a beast. Find the strength within yourself.


  8. I’m surprised Darth Maul wasn’t in fortnite lol

  9. Fnaws Nintendo Breach

    Yoda is teased too in this new Star Wars event

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