Fortnite Season 7 Actually Added This..


  1. DAN, YOU NEED TO PURCHASE THE RUBY SHADOW PACK BECAUSE IT’S FOR FREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dan the purple parts of the map are the parts that have aliens attacking

  3. When I saw rick I went pickle rick meme mode LOL

  4. Rick:dancing in the moonlight huh im in a game alia:yes u have to stop this together

  5. Go to the realjanky on tiktok

  6. shadow ruby free?

  7. loga5790 loga5790

    the super man using bat man is a reference to bat man vs super man

  8. this season would be so much better if they made it to where you get sucked up by the spaceship and then you would fight in there

  9. 2:16 noice

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