Fortnite SEASON 2 is HERE! (Pump Shotgun, Katana, New Map)

Fortnite First Win of Chapter 4, Season 2 gameplay with Typical Gamer!

Music by Epidemic Sound:


  1. Tg is the best youtuber

  2. Gotta say, this is looking like one of the best seasons of fortnite ever, the gamplay is clean, its nostalgic, and it works perfectly with the storyline and the weapons are easy and satisfying to use.

  3. Plsss sub to me my dream to get a golden plaque

    I love you TG

  4. official Danny Dee TV

    This season is lit no cap

  5. Wolf_GameingLegends222

    Hey TG did you know you could see sniper glares

  6. I didn’t realize the coat on the strey skin pops on the floor when you slide

  7. u can still get thunder shotgun from eliminating npc

  8. JonathanDahBeast

    Oh so now i know who one pumped me in mega city….

  9. I’m so happy

  10. I love how Andre is always in a good/happy mood. He always live streams on (TypicalGamer) YT and makes videos in (TG Plays) as soon as a update happens and if there is no update he just makes cool videos to entertain us. Thank you for entertaining all of ur viewers and when you upload i get a smile on my face. You are my favorite YouTuber keep up the hard work. Dont let the heaters push you down. Dont look at what you didnt achieve look at what you achieved.

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