Fortnite Item Shop *NEW* EDDIE BROCK + VENOM BUNDLE! [September 23rd, 2021] (Fortnite BR)

Fortnite Item Shop at present on September 23rd, 2021.
Let us see what is in the Item Shop today!

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  1. Thanks for using code ITF to support me! New Venom skin dropped tonight!

    Eddie Brock Set – NEW
    Venom Set – 12 Days Ago
    Archetype Set – 52 Days Ago
    Ark Set – 51 Days Ago
    Monks – 36 Days Ago
    Vice – 34 Days Ago
    Boneless – 33 Days Ago
    Office Chariot – 32 Days Ago
    Behold! – 32 Days Ago
    Sweaty – 34 Days Ago

    That’s it for the shop today! Hope you all have yourselves an amazing day or night! Talk to you all later!

  2. I Talk this whole video: E W

  3. I love how every emote in the shop matches Eddie Brock

  4. This venom is way better because he’s skinny and doesn’t take up the entire screen

  5. How long will the Venom skin be in the item shop?

  6. I really hope that we get a Punisher skin in the game.

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