Fortnite is DELETING Accounts If You Don’t Do This…

Today Fortnite dropped a New Update! There is a NEW SMG, the Port a Fort is back and some players are getting messages about their Fortnite Accounts possibly getting deleted!
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Hey every person it is SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these videos as tidy and family friendly as feasible! Today I’m going over everything you need to understand in Fortnite Season 3’s second update! There is the new Charge SMG, indiana jones and a lot more! Hope you get pleasure from!

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  1. Sucks for anyone who can’t get their parents permission 🤣🤣 also There are three things that have been irritating me lately one the flare gun it needs to be vaulted again,two the cheaters I’ve ran into lag switches and wall hacks users alot I had someone get banned mid game cause I spectated then reported to make sure he knew where everyone was through walls even when crouched had 27 kills on solos and third the the people who third party hiding in a bush like a scrub and running up mid fight smh it’s sad everything else is okay I suppose.

  2. I’m getting ads every minute and it makes it worse when they are the same ads

  3. Mixed Fragment

    1:38, 2:57 voice crack, lmao

  4. i was able to get 4 port-a-forts in a stack

  5. That thumnail happened to me

  6. Jadiel._.loves._.ROBLOX

    The first time I got fall guys it didn’t ask for my birthday or age I’m 😳

  7. I got that when I logged in to the fall guys 30 days or account deleted

  8. Fortnite is DELETING Accounts If You Don’t Do This…”

    Lmao nice clickbait mate.

  9. Bruh my console broke down and My accounts gonna get deleted yay I’ve been playing for 4 years🥲🥲🥲

  10. if i see a gold charge i am just going to keep my blue stinger

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