Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Gameplay Trailer

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In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3: Vibin’, the Island is one large party. Wiggle around in Reality Falls, gallant the Screwballer coaster, ride atop animals, and revel with new arsenal. Drop into Season 3 and spread the good vibes!

The Reality Tree has blossomed on the Island, forming a new biome in the process! This location called Reality Falls is a lush woods of mushrooms, bouncy mushrooms, and trees of purple. When you are not surfing its flora, swim underneath its waterfalls, seek loot in its cavern, and spring from its geysers.

Ballers are back! Roll around and wrestle onto surfaces, but do not just roll as you did before. In the spirit of jubilation, get on the (fully safe) Screwballer for a high-flying theme park ride.

Do not let the high-speed fun stop with Ballers: leap on a wolf or boar to ride on it! You do not have to dismount to fight — shoot and throw weapons while atop your steed.

Reality Seed Pods are spreading from the Reality Tree. Plant a Reality Seed to grow a Reality Sapling — which grows in the same place match to match! Saplings bear better loot every time you weed them, so keep weeding a sapling until it bears Mythic loot. When it wilts away, plant the seed left behind!

Bring good and evil together with this Season’s Battle Pass. In addition to Darth Vader himself, the Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass comprises the anti-hero Evie, the defender Adira, and five more Outfits. Conversing of putting together Outfits, customize the parts of “Snap”! Later on in the Season? Unlock world renowned archeologist Indiana Jones.

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  3. For a season directly after the end of a full-scale war, this is certainly NOT what I expected.
    Good work!

  4. How dare you kill klombo I found his skeleton on the map you will pay

  5. This is a cool season

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