Former Navy Pilot Ryan Graves on His UFO Encounter

Taken from JRE #1883 w/Ryan Graves:


  1. Wow… please look at what an AI describes what it sees itself to look like at 6:07 on this video… i got goosebumps.. it looks just like what Ryan said he saw.. wow

  2. Same radar used for weather so in theory we would have been able to see them & thats why this is misinformation & its just a soft cover story for our own advanced tech. Nothing like a person with a degree to say IDK WTF I saw, shipmate

  3. Its from the Boskop people. They have been in hiding for thousands of years.

  4. They (aliens) are already here, and have been here for years, but as usual the governments don’t want you to know, so are not telling you!

  5. What if it’s fake imagery that’s in the software? Why would they do this who knows but it’s possible

  6. “Everyday” yet not one picture, state of the art surveillance equipment, hmmm. reflections of the layers in clouds.

  7. I’m more concerned about that comb over

  8. Why over last 50 years UFO,s are exclusive to America and nowhere else on earth???

  9. Joe, keep covering meaningless nonsense designed to frighten everyone with more military abuse and control and keep hiding from the Meier case.. other real journalists are noticing that, see redacted interview with Michael Horn.

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