Forgot About Beats by Dre?

Beats Studio Buds are their most intriguing headphones yet…

MKBHD Merch:

Tech I’m using currently:

Headphones Provided by Beats for review.


  1. these motherfathers act like they forgot about dre

  2. Mfs act like they forgot about Dre

  3. Something is wrong with his mic, the audio on al the “s” is ssss

  4. OskuPlayer - Suomi

    “And muthafuckas act like they forgot about Dre”

  5. Way back in the day. I had 2 pairs of the wired buds and they both broke. And I wasn’t even rough with them. I was done with Beats. I love my Galaxy Lives. Comfortable and great sound quality. Only con….sound leakage . People can hear the music. So I got some great budget friendly buds that I heard good reviews on. The SOUL S NANOS. Super small case (in ear) so no leakage. Good sound quality., not as good as my Lives though. Plus, the transparency mode is amazing. It amplifies the ambient noise. It’s particularly obvious when I’m handling paper, the sound is so CRISPY, almost sounds like a slight echo but in a good way. If I’m not sure the Transparency is on, I just grab some paper lol! $69 bucks on ebay. I use my LIVES outdoors and my NANOS in the office or when I’m close to other people.

  6. Obsidian mind exotic helmet

  7. i wonder if it would make sense to put a kinetic energy converter inside, to make the battery life longer

  8. Dee “Deeskater2” Skater2

    Is that a warlock helmet in the background?

  9. That is not Matt Kemp in that picture @1:33 lol they totally messed that up.

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