forcing OTV to Paint our feelings

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Make certain to give prompt recommendations down in the remarks below in case we do this again in the future~!

0:00 Intro
0:37 Sponsor Raycon
1:38 Painting
16:08 Presentations
21:44 Outro

#offlinetv #lilypichu #painting #besotted


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  2. Toast got disappointed and put on the Hearthstone sweat shirt lol

  3. If you can’t time your piss right with the swirl then that’s just skill issue.

  4. My cheeks hurts men

  5. Wow, the cheeks worked! I’m liking and subscribing and turning on notifications!

  6. Why is it dark outside and everyone looks like they just woke up (mainly Scarra)

  7. “this is rad, im gonna drink more now”

    -me after any interaction at all

  8. In future can you guys please not skip over Naruto lore it’s kinda important

  9. you could do video games as the prompts next time!

  10. Need a part 2

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