Foolio – Get Even (Official Music Video)

Foolio – Get Even (Official Music Video)
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#Foolio #GetEven #LifeOfMe


  1. adrienne mcallister

    Promoting terrorism

  2. It’s a shame ..because of a name from there own sets these dudes at war. They could drop that beef and unit and have the music industry multimillionaires in a hr.

  3. Seein that ankle bruh, tough. That DA down there dirty af

  4. if he gonna die we can say that we here before his dead…..

  5. SPEEDBOAT Tarnell

    The ankle monitor. 🤣💀

  6. That dude got some PIPE CLEANER HAIR ….LMAO

  7. He say pray for kshordy ?

  8. KingKrisgodlyproductionz


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