Foods You Are Eating WRONG !

Foods You Are Eating WRONG !

Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to another astonishing reaction video clip! Today we are reacting to Foods You Are Eating WRONG !


  1. #azzyland for giving us life hacks 🙂

  2. Azzy i cant just leave the pizza on the pan because my cat will eat it

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  4. xxiiSunshineXX xx

    7:33 idk why but i like my pizza in the microwave …. am i weird??.., actually dont awnser that…

  5. wolf lovers cool life

    I’m eating a cake and it delish!!!!!!


  6. dyamondbutterfly

    Nah that pizza hack doesn’t work all like that I’ll continue to put my left over pizza in the oven

  7. Squezing the bottom side of a banana can open it i tried it while i was testing

  8. It works bannanas are good that way

  9. rascally rabbit

    As long as as it goes down my gullet

  10. I just thought i was phsyco because of eating toast with toppings upside down?

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