Food Theory: Logan Paul is LYING About Prime!

Logan Paul and KSI’s new business endeavor, Prime, is taking the world by STORM as the official sports hydration drink of the UFC and Arsenal fútbol club. Folks of all ages are loving the flavorful taste. But there is something off about the entire thing. Is it really healthy? And can this REALLY be finer than Gatorade? Let us break down everything you need to understand about Prime!
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  1. In summers in Iraq, we’d drink a liter and a half bottle of water about every 30-45 minutes. Every other bottle would have Gatorade powder mixed in. If you just drank water, you’d get nauseous, vomit, cramp up, and eventually pass out. Before Gatorade, the Army used to issue salt pills. Gatorade was way better, and literally a life saver.

  2. The moment Steph said she didn’t like it, my immediate thought was Stevia, or something similar as an artificial sweetener. This is likely where all the potassium comes from.

  3. 10:27 it’s the guy from FuhNaff

  4. If you check the label on a can of Yoo-Hoo, it’s a surprisingly good substitute for a sports drink.

  5. maybe it has less sodium as the american diet has no shortage of salt and a deficit of other nutrients/minerals/electrolytes from our lack of raw veg and mass over usage of processed food…

  6. Yeah… I avoid anything tied to Logan Paul

  7. Man i loved how u did 2 videos 1 and the fax and research & 2ed taste test I feel like it’s my opinion the 1st video should of been the taste testing & thoughts 2ed video shows the facts stats and research

  8. I just used your knowledge of osmosis and electrolytes in my assignment for biology! This video came out at the perfect time for me!

  9. Wooow this was eye opening! Thank you for the knowledge!

  10. Use me as a LIKE BUTTON if you love THE FOOD THEORIST❤

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