Food Theory: DON’T TRUST Your School Lunch!

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Theorists, did you ever purchase lunch from school? Did you feel like it was satisfying and healthy? Well, that is what we are looking into today. You see, your school lunch is meant to give you a healthy balance of foods to get you through your school day. Except, that is NOT what I remember about the lunches I ate from school. Is it all one big LIE? Let’s find out!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Justin Kuiper and Bob Chipman
Editors: Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick, Danial “BanditRants” Keristoufi, and Koen Verhagen
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  1. Alexander Gonzalez

    The “fries” that are shaped like smiley faces are god tier when it comes to school food

  2. In middle school my school served these quote on quote ‘chicken smackdown’ or ayam geprek, its basically fried chicken that is mixed with oil, onions, and a whole lot of chili. It sold out quick so whichever class got their break delayed gonna need to go for some chicken curry

  3. Pancakes and jam

  4. Mee goreng/fried mee
    It mee fried with soy sauce with eggs and some vegetables

  5. Question at the start:
    I live in the Netherlands and we bring our own lunch, but we do have a canteen, with muffins and several types of cookies and some drinks, like coke, carbonated water etc. The only downside with the canteen is that it’s expensive.

  6. So since tomatoes are fruits would that make tomato soup and tomato sauce a smoothie or fruit juice I’m confused

  7. Spam Fritters and chips

  8. the best thing my school ever served was a steak sandwich and it was good quality

  9. My schools were part of lausd which recently got hacked for ransom they prob get no female interaction but the food at my elementary was really good well it was a charter school so they could afford stuff there was a rib bbq which was fire now that I’m thinking about it it was just just a mc rib they also had a meatball sub which was also amazing I haven’t seen either in many many years maybe 4-5 and I’m waiting for it’s return

  10. Hey MatPat! Coke came out with a new flavor! Dreamland or something it was called, is it possible to see a theory about it? Does coke taste like dreams? I like to say yes it does

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