Food Theory: Costco DOESN’T Save You Money!

Inflation is getting out of hand! With increasing gas prices, egg shortages, and interest rates, most of us are looking to rescue a buck where we can. And a terrific way to do that is buy buying BULK! Or is it actually the way to go? We’re breaking down the biggest myth when it comes to Costco and the best hacks for saving money at your local retailer.
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  1. But i am getting the product

  2. Inflation proof foods… And.., cancer..

  3. There’s a Costco that I go to a couple times and they have a food court outside but they still ask for the membership card 😢 I’ve had a couple of times I forget it in the car and they still were adamant that I needed it so 🤷🏻‍♀️ I think it’s only when it’s inside it’ll work without one if you go through the exit to go to the food court

  4. No 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  5. Here in Australia I’ll only buy the odds and ends when I know they’re a few bucks less and yeah, I’m probably not going to make my membership back (generally a slab of beer and the odd rotisserie chicken). Where I do save though is on the fuel. I fill up about once every 3 weeks and at a saving of about $10 per tank compared to every other servo. Costco is only 1.3km out of my path home so I barely spend more then a few cents to get there. The single biggest saving I had was when everywhere else was $2.20-$2.40 per liter while Costco was sitting at $1.89 which worked out to be $28 fuel saving if I’d driven 13km out of the way to the nearest servo with the next lowest price of $2.37 per liter. So on average per year I’m saving over $100 on top of the $60 membership fee. I also find it interesting that Costco’s prices are the same here in Australian dollars despite the currency difference.

  6. i like your hot dog idea, but cobsidering you have to drive there to get it, is the 1.30 saving really worth the gas

  7. you know before i watched this vid i looked up an article on cost co and they said most of their money is coming from membership subscriptions rather than the products being bought. there seems to be a reward system for getting gas but other than that all i could think is: “this is a scam of some sort isn’t it?” all this vid did was reinforce what i understood from that article: “don’t shop at cost co it’s not worth it”

  8. The1AndOnlyGoldenboy

    I don’t shop at Costco for the savings. I shop there because it means supporting a business that treats their employees well.

    I have friends that have only ever worked for Costco because they started off making more than average, their schedules were flexible, the work environment set reasonable expectations, and their benefits package is exceptionally generous. I’ve never worked for them personally, but the fact that I know multiple people who do and will sing the company’s praises whenever they can… you better believe I’ll offer up support.

    I’m aware that not everyone can afford to do such a thing, definitely try to find the best deals for yourself if that’s what you’ve gotta do, but I can afford to pay a bit more and support a business that isn’t just laying people off or running them into the ground for the sake of profits.

  9. Zendaya's Twin 🦋

    I never knew that some people DIDN’T drink all of the giant box of kurig coffee cups or use all the toilet paper (and manage to run out). In my family, Costco is home away from home, half of my wardrobe if from there, my younger twin brothers the same. I guess it really depends on the person who shops.

    Costco Pro tip: Don’t buy more than one pack of an item, unless you undoubtedly need it, like cans of beans, milk etc. Just buy one, Toilet paper, chip bags, mayo jars, just one will do, because then nothing goes to waste. and if you know you WON’T Finnish an item, get a smaller box at Walmart, its as simple as that. Grocery shopping can be done all in more than one store.


  10. Food theory idea:how long can you survive with just drinking juices

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