[FNF] Making Flippy & Fliqpy Sculpture Timelapse [Happy Tree Friends] – Friday Night Funkin’ Mod

This is the process video clip of sculpt that I have done sculpting and painting.

Timelapse sculpting and painting of game – Friday Night Funkin’
[Happy Tree Friends]

3D modeling and 3d printing for figure making.
You can in addition see painting progress.
Thank you for viewing 🙂

0:00 Intro
0:23 3D Modeling
3:33 Making a support
3:53 3D Printing
4:15 Cleaning
4:22 Removing supports
4:37 Cure the prints
4:50 Work-surface
5:21 Painting
10:56 Collect
11:01 Ended

3D modeling – Zbrush
3D printer – Phrozen sonic mini 4k and Phrozen sonic mini

Sonic Mini: https://phrozen3d.com/collections/resin-3d-printer-phrozen/products/phrozen-sonic-mini-resin-3d-printer

Sonic Mini 4K: https://phrozen3d.com/collections/resin-3d-printer-phrozen/products/sonic-mini-4k-resin-3d-printer-phrozen

Aqua-Gray 4K Resin: https://phrozen3d.com/collections/3d-printer-resins-phrozen/products/aqua-resin-phrozen

Mod Link: https://gamebanana.com/mods/300838

Submitter: miguel185

Artist: miguel185

Programmer, Musician, Performer and Artist: ReddudeXD

Creator of Happy Tree Friends: Aubrey Ankrum

Engine: KadeDev


  1. 4:51

  2. WOW (;

  3. ollie ticehurst sonic yes pinkfong no

    Can you do pucca next please

  4. wow this is good
    i have no words.

  5. Norka Jakelin Murrieta Linares


  6. Norka Jakelin Murrieta Linares


  7. Can u make tord bot

  8. Literally Deadpool

    It’s so sad how Flippy/Fliqpy will be remembered as “oh my god is fnf mod!!!!!!!!!!!”

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