Florida man, son pursue after ‘burglar’ who was returning mis delivered bundle: sheriff

Gino Colonacosta and his 15-year-old son stalked and shot at a girl sitting in her automobile outdoors of her apartment. They thought she was the “burglar” who triggered their doorbell camera, but that was really a different next door neighbor who was returning a mis delivered package deal. STORY: https://www.fox13news.com/news/father-son-shoot-at-person-they-thought-was-burglar-after-neighbor-brings-package-delivered-to-wrong-address

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  1. This is how we’ve become in this country. Ppl just use guns as toys on anything or everything that moves. And also some politicians ( esp some governers)who believe they can win election by enacting laws that don’t protect but destroy ppl’s life. What does stay ur ground mean anyway? Killing anyone u believe might be “a suspect” or killing ppl u can’t stand? Can’t guns really be used for hunting animals or in the worst case scenario on an aggressor? If this man believes there’s a burglar in his apt why not call cops than take matters in his own hands? Sickening ppl like them can own a gun

  2. caramba Murray commented that he is frightened at how stupid people are. This is why average citizens should not be entitled to bear arms. When you add together the crazies that want to shoot as many people as they can to exact some sort of revenge on society, and your everyday undereducated stupid American, then this is what you get. Glad I live somewhere else where the only permitted weapons are long guns for hunting. Though I think hunting is barbaric as well, at least if they eat what they kill it is justified.

  3. Dominick Castiglione

    As the old saying goes you can’t fix stupid.

  4. Being here Illegally can make you paranoid. 😁

  5. This is a prime example of a crazy Florida man story.

  6. Unbelievable!!! What is this world coming to

  7. Annabella dragonlady

    The thing is, even if she had been a potential thief, how would them shooting at her car be justified in any way?

  8. Welcome to the new campaign propaganda for the anti-2A crowd! This ONE incident instigated by a deranged 73 yr old will be promoted as a reason to ignore the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of violent crime statistics every year committed by those with illegally owned firearms. Sheriff Grady is right…this individual BROKE THE LAW that was intended to (and does) protect millions of law abiding citizens every day. It’s a shame that this guy dragged his minor son into his paranoid delusion. He should spend the rest of his life in prison!

  9. No shortage of stupid. Acronym NSOS. Thank god she wasn’t hurt.

  10. Think Twice..A couple wrong moves can ruin your whole life..

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