FKA twigs – Cellophane

Director: Andrew Thomas Huang
Production Company: Object & Animal
Exec. Producer: Morgan Clement & Dom Thomas
Producer: Alex Chamberlain
Local Production: Radioaktive Film
Local Producer: Ira Nepomenko

Cinematography: Daniel Fernández Abelló
Choreography: Kelly Yvonne
Production Design: Fiona Crombie
Art Director: Vladimir Radlinskyi
Featuring: Efua Baker

Stylist: Matthew Josephs & Ed Marler
Hair: Virginie P. Moreira
Make-up Artist & Mask Design: Kabuki

Visual Effects by: Analog
Lead 3D: Matt Chandler
Lead 2D: Fabio Zaveti
VFX Producer: Rose Nicholson
VFX Executive Producer: Matthew Shannon

Editor: Andrew Thomas Huang
Sound: Ben Tomastik @ Lime
Grade: Aubrey Woodiwiss @ Carbon


  1. The fact she commits whole heartedly to perfecting a craft and not just doing it because it looks cool speaks volumes. She thoroughly informs herself on everything she does. Vogue, pole dancing, (many other things). The dedication and true passion is unreal.

  2. This makes me want to fill a cup with my tears, drink it, and then cry it back out again! Fuck me uuuuuuuuuupp QUEEN!!!!!!!!

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  4. She just sent my wig on a world tour omg

  5. I’ve been waiting, girl. Thanks so much! A gift to humanity as always. <3

  6. I LOVE every single noise her heels make when she walks, especially the knife sound ?.

  7. The Introverted Blogger

    This was released in a moment of weakness. The way she spoke to my pain, my heart and the struggle… I am undone.. Youve done it again, my darling. Keep doing the things.

    We will wait eternities for your art. All consuming. Full body. Immersive. ?

  8. Omg that was the fastest 4:21 minutes ever! I love this!!

  9. David Martinez-Franco

    Director: How much inspired in Bayonetta you want this video to be?

    FKA Twigs: YES

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