Fixer Upper is Finished— Next Up, Moving Day!!!

Links to merchandise we used!

Cherie Kay Etsy signs:
Let Them be Little

Scripture wall art

Laundry wall art



  1. Have you seen the clip on backs for bar stools? They’re great because you can easily put them on when needed for little ones. They are easy to store and there are a variety of options in colors and styles- fabric, wood, metal….

  2. Looks so good! Love it!!

  3. We rehabbed my childhood home and the new electrical codes won’t allow the breaker box in the closet anymore so it’s now in the guest bedroom. I’m here to see others suggestions on how to cover it. Btw the house looks amazing and I’m obsessed with the wood stained doors!

  4. I like the white appliances, too. I’m a bit burnt out on all the stainless look. I love the black pulls, I keep that choice, myself. It’s more Euro look which I love. All your kitchen choices are fantastic. Good job, Jessa!

  5. Jessa, LOVE the house. Your family is so deserving. Love all the choices. As far as the bar stools, I like those a lot and the only way I would go to one with a back, for the children, would be if it were a short back and also fit under the counter…. Great taste, beautiful home, CONGRATULATIONS 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  6. It’s gorgeous Jessa. i’m loving the signs and the photos. Think you were right with the white appliance, everything looks amazing 🥰🥰🥰

  7. Stainless steel appliances would look better in my opinion! I thought they had fingerprint resistance stainless steel.

  8. Amanda Mendoza

    Love the style! So fresh and comfortable! I voted for the slat pulls on cabinets but after seeing little pull knobs in laundry rm I love those lol! Hard to imagine until it’s actually up sometimes! Congratulations on your move!🎉💕

  9. Nicole L Rivera

    My kiddo flipped a stool with a back on it from leaning on the back too hard (and put a hole in the wall under the counter). I vote for going with what you have. No back.

  10. Oh what a great teaser. LoL I can’t wait to see his reaction. Everything looks so good. Yeah I think continue with the white.

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