First Wash in 23 Years: Barn Find FD RX-7 With 8800 Original Miles! | Satisfying Restoration

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First Wash in 23 Years: Barn Find FD RX-7 With 8800 Original Miles! | Satisfying Restoration! Today, we tackle the interior & exterior of a 1994 FD RX-7 with 8800 ORIGINAL Miles on it pulled out of a garage for the very first time since 1999, that is covered in dirt and debris that hasn’t been detailed in years that will require us to pressure wash the entire exterior, followed by a wash, clay bar and then polishing the paint to bring back its shine and a full interior detail including mold removal. #barnfind #carcleaning #detailing #cleaning #restoration

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    How much do you think this RX-7 will be worth once it’s fixed up again?!

  2. I would to hear the motor running . Maybe watch them drive it after it’s restored !

  3. I’ve been detailing for a couple years and my favorite part about buying new cars is the first detail after I get it home and this would be my dream car and first detail

  4. Thinking fully restored. About 56k?

  5. Im watching this as i eat my breakfast… mixed emotions while seeing the dead rats.. lol hahaha

    First time seeing your video. Great job.

  7. I saw this on marketplace the guy sold it for 5k😭

  8. N.Z someone be asking 80k up I think

  9. That was awesome !!! Thanks guys

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