First Visit to the Country that Sold Me A Passport

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If you are in addition interested in implementing for a citizenship, this is who we worked with. They were terrific to deal with:

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  1. all my loved ones are far away and i miss them so bad everyday. So my dream destination would be aruba so I can see my mom, dogs, and family again who I miss every day so badly and I’ve had to say goodbye to them for a long time since they moved to aruba to live there. and I’m not sure when I’m about to see them again. Or memphis so i could finally meet my boyfriend in America again since we both aren’t sure when we see each other again because he also has visa problems since he is an immigrant.

  2. I would love to go to Easter Island been a dream of mine sicne i was a little kid

  3. im such a huge fan of yours guys i want to seeyou in the future and make memories to you’ll and meet all of you.

  4. I cried all the vide because I have same problem but don’t have any friends 😢

  5. My Dream destination is: Japan.
    I am super interested in the culture and in the food. I think Japanese, Italian and French cusines are the basis of all the other ones and I would love to try some tastes of Japan <3

  6. Puerto rico🥹

  7. I would love to go to New Zealand for the beautiful scenery and hiking, learn about the rich culture there, and of course, visit the hobbit holes!

  8. Hey Yes Theory!
    Thanks to you I can watch the life that I wanted!
    Ive always wanted to go out there and explore but sometimes life just wont let you do that just like Ammars passport 😅
    So yeah! Congrats on the next lucky one who’ll get picked and I cant wait to see your next upload!
    Stay safe and much love!

    I dont have a dream country, lets just go wherever life brings us!!

  9. İ really wanna go to İbiza because i always dreamed about partying like im in a american movie and because i live in turkey i cant do that thing

  10. Muneeb Farooq Abdur Raquib

    A dream destination that I want to visit is Turkey!

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