First to Guess the Password Wins – FaZe Clan

Can you guess the PASSWORD?

The Headsets, Keyboards & Mice we use by STEELSERIES:


  1. 1:57 Jarvis hitting the juul

  2. The date is the reveal date for the new MW or MW2R. They are using their old MW2 intro so it is hinting something.

  3. Anthony Yac Vlogs

    team 10????????

  4. Shagwell Fc104

    What the hell was the point of the board hahahah

  5. Orba thinks shrek is Disney

  6. Where is faze high sky

  7. Jaxon Sabataso

    How the hell did adapt get Governer from California and Leader

  8. Dad and me Every week Everyday

    Hey! Faze I just want to tell you that I’m the youngest member of Faze clan so I really don’t know if I’m in Faze I don’t no if I’m the youngest member of faze so I was let in by faze replays so can u old check thank you

  9. Faze clan is ignoring faze Jarvis and his brother in every video

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