First to Get 1,000,000 Followers in 24 Hours



Thanks to all the contenders who worked together!
@BrittHertz @drewdirksen @topperguild @SeanDoesMagic @CarterSharer @StephenSharer @GRACESHARER @estrada.twins @MooseCraft @MsMunchie123 @RyanPrunty @imbrandonfarris

THANK YOU! I love tacos


  1. 5:10 remeber when gabe did that for the TikTok challenge

  2. Love your videos keep it up

  3. Bro remember last time Brandon walked all the way to McDonald’s to get you a make flurry and still lost and then he says he’s going to McDonald’s with his money😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Unspeakable some one copied you

  5. This video was awesome

  6. Well that is 20 mins I will not get back 😭

  7. @imbrandonfarris Congratulations! Dooders got your back

  8. Brandon deserved that 50k he walked 18 miles in the 10 thousand dare video just to give Nathan a Mcflurry from Mcdonald’s

  9. can i be in one of ur videos i only have 5 followers on tik tok plsssssssss

  10. why do the TikTok Videos date back to October?😂

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