FIRST LOOK! Every 2023 F1 Car On Track | F1 Pre-Season Testing

Nothing beats seeing automobiles back on track! Our 2023 automobiles hit the track in Bahrain for Pre-Season Testing.

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  1. john Robertson-dix

    Excited to see what alonso can do with aston martin this season

  2. You would think that BWT is the team and Alpine is the sponsor. Any team w a bwt sponsor is immediately the worst looking car on the grid

  3. Sheesh, that’s a lot of sensors !!!

  4. Within 13 hours!

  5. I guess I haven’t been watching as close as I thought past few years. What is mounted on the car behind the tires?

  6. is it just me or the Alpine sounds the best?

  7. Who’s winning the constructor’s title this year? Definitely the black car!

  8. I love the new Alfa Romeo livery!

  9. Pitot tubes sensing air pressure in different places on different cars

  10. Very cool to see more teams painting their wheel covers.

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